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I traded my 9-5 for work-life balance

By Aisha Schnellmann

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I am not a fan of new-year resolutions. “Here we go again… over-enthusiastic January,” sighed James, the yoga instructor. I’d not seen so many warm bodies at a 7.30AM yoga practice since…oh yeah, last January.

Setting an intention to improve how you live is a great start. Taking the first step by engaging in activities that move you along to fulfilling this intention is even better. But then comes the hard part, when most of us falter:

Sticking at it long enough until your life truly changes and your intention becomes inseparable from the person you are.

I knew I wanted to achieve work-life balance in this next phase of my career. My family and oldest friends were a 13-hour flight away in tropical Singapore. Achieving healthy work-life balance meant the world to me – I wanted the flexibility to run off to the tropics and be there for the people I love during their most important milestones in life. But I still wanted to keep building my career.

Truly by circumstance, I started freelancing. One client became two, two became three. I began working from Zurich, spending beautiful warm days tinkering away outdoors. I worked from Singapore and presented in an online conference, before feasting on local delicacies, catching up with friends and family. I worked from Bali, in between surfs, lazy reading, and adventurous scooter rides.

By changing the conditions of how I worked, I had somehow achieved the work-life balance I wanted. Instead of squeezing life moments into my career timeline, I was now growing my career while prioritizing life. In today’s digital world, it is easy to work from anywhere in the world – all you need is an Internet connection.

Was it scary? Absolutely. But I think in many ways for me, becoming a digital nomad gave me the freedom to live life to the fullest.

I saw this insightful video a few days ago, and thought author Andy Molinksy explained perfectly why achieving work-life balance is not in the details, but in setting the initial conditions in your life and in your career to enhance the possibility of work-life balance:

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