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The year my life package morphed into the digital dimension

By Maurice Codourey

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Communications, Marketing, Behavioral Economics, Lecturing, Key Note Speaker, Co-Founder - it seemed I explored it all. Maybe. Maybe not. In the year of the rooster 2017 I learned about the unusual fact that we experience 13 lunar months instead of 12, which means there are 384 days. An extended package. The moment to do something about it.

With all the digitization going on around the globe and during my time as Head of Marketing in a public hospital in Zurich for several years I was catapulted in the middle of digital shifts in healthcare. In 2016 I supported the unique platform and the Swiss founder living in Barcelona with press and media work - a complete digital congress, a complete digital workstyle to present contributions about chatbots, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

To work in the office, in the train, at the airport, in a coffee shop, during a congress or coworking visit, at home - that was already a standard in 2017. And I realized that i became sort of a mini digital nomad - I identified stereotypes and fear to be the blockers of unchainining my nomad heart.

So I checked in KoHub on the Koh Lanta Island in southern Thailand in summer 2017 for almost a month. That hit me like Thors Hammer. Working with an unknown drive, meeting total different kinds of digital nomads, burning the face by scootering around, eating all kinds of curry, participating a visit in primary school, joining my first beach clean up for Trash Hero Koh Lanta on Sunday afternoon. And doing my work faster, happier, more balanced. Sounds like a classic exaggerated glossy advertising brochure?

I am realistic enough to recognize peaks in emotions. But why not enjoy to the fullest? Why not making even more plans? Why not jumping of the cliff and figuring out the next step while racing to the bottom? I took a deep breath and went to Cordoba in Spain for another digital nomad trip. Then I joined a Swiss medtech company without any officespace - and the international team retreat took place in eastern Bulgaria at the Black Sea and Sofia - coworking spaces everywhere. And then with two digital nomad friends we teamed up as a Trio Infernale to set free the DNA Digital Nomad Academy, inspiring interested people and corporations about the third workplace. Now I work as a mostly independent communication expert with my laptop, my carry on baggage, being thankful for all these unexpected moments.
October 2017. I am scouting the small and gentle way of coworking on the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea. Meeting new people, learning about different perspectives, the beauty of unreal european beaches, the worldwide first decelerator by the Menorca Millenials. Tons of discoveries in uncharted areas of my bucket list.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about paradise. I am talking about a mindset - dare to do the unlogical logical, working at the base (in my case ZRH) with clear goals, calculating the budget, organizing affordable travel, participating at Trash Hero or other organisations to take social responsibility. Be disciplined, be open, be ready. The digital nomads of the most varied of kinds are here and there is a big chance that this applies to you, too.

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